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Halloween in Ireland is… different.

on November 1, 2013

It seems that, not so very long ago, the Irish Halloween was extremely different from the American version. There wasn’t so much candy and kids dressing up, and obviously there was a lot more cultural lore and pagan rituals than we might get in the US and Canada. Having survived my first quasi-Irish Halloween (we were sick, so we didn’t really go hardcore this year), I can honestly describe it as follows:


1) Nail down your shit. Halloween is a night of bonfires and as much paganism as the Catholic Church will allow/people can get away with. Nail down your shit because anything that can burn will be taken and burned.

2) Get candy anyway. It used to be that teens and adults would stop by homes begging for food or drinks or whatever, saying “help keep the halloween party going!” I guess kids might have been included too, but my understanding is that this was really more for the adults. I think SOME costumes might have been involved… fairly certain lots of booze was! Anyway, just get the candy. Kids trick-or-treat nowadays, so you might as well be prepared!

3) No naked orgies to date. I know, I was a little disappointed, too, but let’s be fair: I didn’t have a sitter ready, and that’s just not the type of thing you want to have happen in your house with a sleeping toddler nearby. Say it with me moms and dads: orgies are only for when the kids are away at sleepovers.

That’s just called Good Parenting.

4) No virgin sacrifices. I don’t even know where you’d FIND one in Dublin. Good luck.

5) They set off fireworks like it’s 4th of July in the US. They’re illegal. They do it anyway. If you find missing pieces of someone’s hand, you probably should call the cops and not touch it yourself. Not that I would do that….. again.

So, that’s what I’ve learned so far. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a quick update on my life:

A) I got a job! I just need to switch my visa status, and I am a contributing member of Irish society! FUCK YEAH!!

B) The Dublin Burlesque festival is coming up next week, and yours truly has been all a frenzy of trying to find just the right outfit. I found a wicked vintage shop, and being poor is the only thing that stopped me from buying EVERYTHING. So, I think I have my outfit and makeup together (will post a picture before we go). Now I just need the shoes. Anyone have a pair of black wingtip heels? Anyone? anyone?


11 responses to “Halloween in Ireland is… different.

  1. Was wondering how celebrations were different places – Sleepy Hollow and Headless Horseman/Carrie type tales are so much American.Canadian literary tradition. Understand the Irish do like to party despite the church’s efforts – and fire is often involved.
    Congrats on your job! Very cool!

  2. Sofia Leo says:

    Congrats on the new job! Can you give any hints as to what it is?

    Can’t help with the shoes, but can’t wait to see your costume.

    Glad you survived Halloween over there 🙂

  3. Loved the local view here. (Sorry about the orgy)

  4. ekgo says:

    Hold on, I can’t read this til Monday and I have to read the prostitution one, first, but I have things to say. About prostitution and Halloween. I just can’t say them yet. Because I am stealing internet and so it’s fussy.

    • H. Stern says:

      Umm…. theft is wrong. Leaving comments about comments you can’t leave is wronger. Don’t be wronger.

      • ekgo says:

        You are SO pushy! Cheese Louise.
        YAY YAY on being employed! Well done, my friend!

        Do you think maybe you were just in the non-orgy neighborhood? Like yours was the bonfire neighborhood and four blocks down was the orgy neighborhood and three blocks over is the sacrifice neighborhood, etc? Because I’m assuming Halloween is better organized over there since they’ve been doing it longer. Right?

        And I hope you are totally inspired at the Burlesque Festival, whether you find good shoes or not.

        You’re right, though: Theft is wrong. I hate stealing internet and I wish I could find the person who has their line open so I could break into their house and password protect their shit.
        Because B&E is TOTALLY acceptable. :/

        • H. Stern says:

          I mean, in as much as it’s a victimless crime…….. it’s not like you’re beating up any internet fairies and taking their internets on their way to school.

          • ekgo says:

            I might be hampering bandwidth, though, which is going to slow down how fast the neighbors can get their internet porn. They might fall asleep before anything can happen. But then, sleep is good for a body. I’m actually helping them be healthy! This is a crime of compassion!

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