Sunny Days in DC

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on July 16, 2013

It’s been exactly 8 weeks. I know that, because pretty much every day I’ve said to myself, “I should blog. It would make me feel better.” but I don’t, because there was too much going on and I didn’t know how to put it all into words. 

First, let’s start with how this blog is going to have to be re-branded. For those of you who either know DC, love DC, live in DC, or are just fairly certain that those are letter which appear in the English alphabet (YAY EDUMACASHUN!), I can, after almost 8 years of living here, no longer call it “Sunny Days in DC”………….

………………………………because we’re moving to Ireland. 


So kids, let’s put our feet up and talk through our emotions, shall we? Excited? Check. Nervous? Check. Completely fucking terrified because from the time they made the job offer to my husband until the day we leave is about four months? HUGE. FUCKING. CHECK. 

It’s not that I don’t want to move to Dublin…


*This is what my son will look like in six months*

…it’s that we have next to NO time to plan all of this. So, take an international move with a now-1-year-old, no current job in my new country, a refinance with my less-than-stellar credit after this last year of unemployment, and two cats that have to go through the process of getting (and I am completely NOT shitting you here) “kitty passports,” and you essentially have the recipe for a nervous break down a la Hannah. Naturally, I am coping the only way I know how: I ate enough chocolate and sugar over this past weekend to make me sick. Then I went through a bout of self-loathing (like you do), and now I am recommitting to writing. Sort of. Cuz I’m gonna go to bed after this. 

Also, I photoshop pictures of my son. 

So. I’m moving to Dublin, Ireland. What have you been doing with the last 8 weeks? 

16 responses to “Re-Branding

  1. my gay mom says:

    Congrats with big high fives for the new adventure, but the grand ol’ U.S. of A, especially DC, will be worse off without you.
    I love the transformation your son is about to undergo. Your money and credit issues will be solved if you just follow him around after a rainstorm (there’s one ever four hours in Ireland).

  2. sassypanties says:

    I cannot wait to live vicariously through you! Do text messages work all the way from Ireland to Tacoma? Prolly not.

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!!! Yay! Also, relived to hear from you, was getting worried! Can’t wait to hear your tales from across the pond. Oh my gosh, your son is going to grow up with an awesome accent. That makes it all worth it.

  4. Holy shit!!! Ireland, what an adventure! I saw a weird film once about an Irish kid who had a crush on the only Jewish girl in town and converted to Judaism so she’d like him. She did NOT like him and then made a comment about her tampon shifting when she sneezed. Weird things stick with me, apparently. But IRELAND! Cool!!!

  5. You will need a new title, that’s for sure. It’s NOT going to be sunny there most of the year but I know you will really get a kick out of it. Sun isn’t everything and I wasn’t a big fan of DC’s weather either. There are Irish Jews. I have some relatives that are Irish Jews. Not many of course but that’s part of the thrill, right? The chocolate is so much better there. And the cheese…And the bread. And the root vegetables. And the beer. I’m officially jealous!

  6. Adam S says:

    Welcome back, now adios!

  7. Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear about your journey!

  8. ekgo says:

    Yeah, but, once you’re in Ireland, this blog will practically write itself. Probably because of the leprechauns and the pookas — in fact, I’m pretty sure everything Brian Froud has drawn resides there so you’ll make lots of interesting little friends. Maybe you’ll meet The Morrigan. If you do, would you get her autograph for me (and don’t let her kill you) because I’ve always been a big fan.
    I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get a job in a pub. Doesn’t everyone work in a pub there? Or on a potato farm…which is why my great-grandfather moved here. He didn’t like potatoes, I guess.

  9. Well ever since you announced your big move I’ve thought about it alot. I’m not sure I’m very happy about it or excited. Honestly I’m friggen scared for you! So far away, not sure what’s going to happen with your career, so far away, really fast…the list goes on. I’ve tried to remind myself that you’re young and this will be an adventure for you but my old person fears keep creeping in 😦 I know you’ll make friends quickly and they will love you.
    So like I’ve told so many of mine…..I won’t always like your decision BUT I will always have your back. I will love you no matter what you do or where you are and I will always be here for you! I know this is something you felt you needed to do for your family ……I sure hope that hub of yours appreciates you making this tremendous leap!

    Don’t you dare forget this old lady when you become an Irish goddess over there! I’ll worry so make sure to touch base with me often so I know you haven’t run off.
    I love ya kiddo! Big hugs!

  10. Hoping to live longer: Beyond fuckin’ exciting. Bon Voyage and a Big Irish welcome, begorrah! Never been but I have Irish forebears and a husband who tries to deny his Irish roots but can talk for England and Ireland.

  11. Cool Cool. How great ( I know – easy to way when you’re not the one rushing around)
    It’s the perfect time to do this. Really. We’ll be waiting for stories and adventures!

  12. FreeRangeCow says:

    Was wondering where you went…now we know! I am sooo jealous (not of the short deadline, but of the move). Sigh. Can’t wait to hear how this all goes down.

  13. chris9911 says:

    lol, I’m gonna miss the heading “Sunny Days in DC”, because its such an oxymoron and it made me laugh. Good luck in Ireland. Maybe you can be on a lookout for a lochness monster while you are waiting for a job offer 🙂

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