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I Do Our Budget While Eating Ice Cream and Heating Up Pizza

on February 6, 2013

I realized tonight as I stood in the kitchen, eating ice cream and waiting for our “organic microwave” pizza to heat up, that I am a pretty disgusting person. Who does this? ON A NUMBER OF LEVELS, WHO DOES THIS? Let’s break it down together.

1) I am eating ice cream. While waiting for my pizza to heat up.

2) I don’t do drugs, so this is how I take the edge off of doing our family budget. WTF?!

3) I should just fucking do drugs and be skinny.

I had a tough day at work… but it’s ok. The further I get from being unemployed, the more I realize what a bad head space it put me in. I don’t know if I’ll ever fully grasp just how much it messed with me, but as I find my groove in the new role, and yes even when I flounder, I look back at my life over the past year and realize how hard it was. 2012 was not my year.

The only good thing about it, was that my son was born…

…he makes it all worth it.

34 responses to “I Do Our Budget While Eating Ice Cream and Heating Up Pizza

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    Whatever gets you thru…

  2. you’re getting cacium.i say good for you..60% right there..

  3. It’s better for you than beer for breakfast. That’s what I was doing a year ago, so I say, “Bravo!”

  4. “organic microwave pizza” rofl
    glad work is getting your groove back, yay!

  5. Good post. Reminds me that work is the curse of the drinking class. – John

  6. Everybody knows that throwing “organic” in the title makes something healthy. Now your only “sin” is eating dessert first. Some philosophers would argue that is the best way to live one’s life… I may or may not BE “some philosophers.”

    • Sofia Leo says:

      Actually, there is “real” “scientific” (read: it’s the way my digestive system works) “evidence” that eating dessert first helps you digest a meal better – those sugars get absorbed first, making you less hungry, thus you eat less of your meal. If you happen to be dining out, your server will happily box up the remains of your dinner and then you have (bonus!) leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. And what if you don’t like your meal? You end up overindulging in sweets afterwards and your digestive system will protest with gassy exhalations and perhaps even some pain as that nasty Real Food gets bottle-necked in front of the sweet, sweet bliss of ice cream.

      I work in an ice cream/chocolate shop, so my opinions may be a little biased and should be taken with a grain of sea salt. Atop a dark chocolate covered caramel 😀

    • H. Stern says:

      “Everybody knows that throwing “organic” in the title makes something healthy.” – too true. That’s why I only drink ORGANIC vodka. Ha ha ha… just kidding…. I’ll drink any kind.

      Also, I ascribe to your school of philosophy. Guide me, oh Smiling Booky Buddha!

  7. blowingoffsteamandmore says:

    2012 definitely sucked. Hoping 2013 is better for you! Don’t be too hard on yourself!

  8. I am doing the budget AND taxes tonight, so I am following your lead and buying a gallon of ice cream on the way home. Thanks.

    Wait until your son becomes a teenager and he eats all the ice cream as soon as it hits your freezer. I AM SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE. You may be eating your words from this blog instead.

    When are you doing the budget next. I was not at my post last night. Oh, and make sure you get more creative with the spoon.

  9. Here’s to a better 2013. (I just accidentally ate half a bag of Hershey kisses while studying at the kitchen table.)

    • H. Stern says:

      I’ll see your “accidental half bag,” and raise you a box of Tasty Kakes that are sitting in my kitchen. That’s right diabetes, FUCKIN BRING IT!!

  10. […] Sunny Days in DC. Like Teeny Bikini, she says it how it is, but mommy-style. She’s the most realistic person I have read about motherhood…and she doesn’t get poopy about it. In a sentence, a mom that doesn’t walk around like her vagina is made of gold! […]

    • H. Stern says:

      Oh jesus. Now I have to figure out how to do this thingy. Can’t you send me a giant check, and we’ll just call it a day?

      I also accept chocolate.

  11. […] H.stern:Just trying to survive out there like the rest of […]

  12. chris9911 says:

    hmmm. you sound more pleasant to me than that disgusting person I deal with everyday, who apparently does not think he is
    How is your job treating you these days?

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